Published on May 10, 2005 By fourth444 In Politics
I have a question for everyone wasting as much time as I do on this site.

If you had thirty seconds of airtime, on every type of broadcast media, at the same time... What would you say?

on May 10, 2005
Hi... my name is Steve and I'm a blogger! It is NOT a waste of time as some might think!!
on May 10, 2005
Hi... my name is John and I want ALL liberals OFF my planet!
on May 10, 2005


(I have extreme stage fright)

on May 10, 2005
"Send me money. Send it to this address: [insert PO box and mailing instructions for international donors]. Send me all the money you can. Cash, personal checks, traveler's checks, cashier's checks are all accepted. I also accept PayPal payments. Dig into your pockets, dig into your wallets and send the me money. Dig into your purses and pouches and send me the money. Dig into your checking accounts, your savings accounts your retirement accounts, and send me the money. Dig into your investment funds, your trust funds, and your hedge funds, and send me the money. Leave no money unsent. If you can get your hands on it, send it to me... [etc, for 30 seconds.]"

I figure, a 30-second broadcast on all forms of media is a pretty wide net to cast. I'm sure I'd reach enough people with this plea, people who would be willing to give me all their money without requiring any justification, that I'd never have to make another broadcast--or do anything else useful--for the rest of my life.

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